Wednesday, April 6

Podcast from Italy: Top 10 Day Trips in Tuscany, Umbria & Le Marche Plus A Funny Frog Festival

Field of wild daffodils along around road
 Ciao tutti-  Spring is in full swing & its hard work being an organic farmer! Fields are full of wild poppies & daffodils, the salami are done curing and we just got a delivery of manure for the orto! The Palio della Rana (Frog Race) of Fermignano is coming up & we chat about how they 'celebrate' the frog.
Palio della Rana, Fermignano (Le Marche) Italy
Plus this week we list our Top 10 Day Trips from our farmhouse in Le Marche, Umbria, Tuscany & San Marino!   This week's phrase that pays is a spring proverb: Quando canta il cucolo la primareva e' imminente.

Thanks for listening - Ashley & Jason
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