Saturday, March 19

Our NEW Monthly Column in Taste Italia Magazine

Jason & I are excited to announce that after two and half years of writing a monthly column in Italia! Magazine about lives in Le Marche, the Editor has asked us to contribute to their sister magazine Taste Italia!  Each month we will share local seasonal recipes "From Field to Fork" all about cooking, gardening & eating in Le Marche.

Don't miss my last article for Italia!: April 2011 
A look back & highlighting our top 25 lessons / things we’ve learned, little observations & funny tidbits (in no particular order) since Jason & I began writing for Italia!!

Start reading our NEW column for Taste Italia: April 2011 with 3 fresh fava (broad bean) recipes!

Taste Italia is a true celebration of Italian gastronomy. Packed with deliciously authentic, seasonal recipes and the finest Italian wine writing each issue, it's a feast for all lovers of Italian food and drink.
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