Friday, March 25

A Handful of Truffles from a Stranger...Reason 101 Why I Love Living in Le Marche

On my way home today I was met by a jovial truffle hunter in the road, he flagged me down to say hello. He asked in deep dialect if I was the American from Ca'Camone (the name of our house & how you identify someone) & that he had always wanted to meet us. "Si si," I said (without a hint of 'stranger danger') he may have been missing a few teeth but there was a twinkle in his eye that noted nothing but kindness. Plus here it seems like everyone knows where we live. He proudly introduced himself, including his complete family tree & dug deep in his pockets to reveal handfuls of rare white truffles called trifola! "Che bello!" I cooed & a bit surprised to see such golden nuggets so early in the season.
Ti piace tartufi? (Do you like truffles?) he asked
Come no?! Sono buonissimi! (Of course - they are delicious!)
Dai - per te. - (Take them, they are for you.)

WHAT?! I couldn't believe this perfect stranger was offering me up his precious truffles. Just incredible! What people these Marchigiani!! 

He insisted that I take them all & then he meticulously discussed the best way to conserve them (in butter in his opinion).  I offered him wine or a caffe at the house, he declined but I persisted  - "Dai un goccia," (Come on at least a drop!)   With that we shared a bottle of wine, chatted about truffles & his dogs and his family. After a chance meeting in the road, we're now thick as theives! And thanks to Severino - frittata & pasta with truffles for dinner tonight!!

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