Saturday, November 6

"American Water" bottled in Italy, sold at Whole Foods

Chatting with our friend Pieter the other day, who had recently returned from a visit to our local water bottling factory in Apecchio, asked if I would like to try "American water."  Well, I better give it a go I thought, now curious why it would be referred to as this. I wondered what this tiny town in Le Marche had to do with America - I figured he was making a joke & the water had loads of sugar in it!
In total shock I discovered what he meant by "American water"...WHOLE FOODS.

Pieter said well, yes they are so happy to export their water to America!  It is known that the mineral water sources found in Le Marche have remarkable beneficial and remedial properties both in thermal treatments (bathing and at the pool) and when bottled for drinking so it's no surprise that it is sold around the world.
Sure enough it said bottled in Apecchio, shipped to Texas - what a small world we live in.   Upon closer examination the label actually reads that the water has journeyed for 2 years through the Tuscan Apennines mountains... I guess they figured no one had heard of Le Marche & with the "made in Tuscany" label  the price tag climbs to almost $10 bottle.  Better yet, visit Le Marche and drink it for free!

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