Thursday, October 7

An Idyllic Summer Wedding in Italy: Italia! Magazine

Don't forget to pick up your OCTOBER 2010 copy of Italia! Magazine, not only to read my monthly column but to feed your appetite for all things Italian!
October 2010 issue 71 Cover

In case you missed it - here is an excerpt of the SEPT 2010 Article written by me - A Wedding in
...We were ready: the house was picture-perfect (not a blade of grass out of place), the pasta rolled paper-thin by hand & the towns people of Piobbico had done their best to help host this American wedding in Italy. On the morning of the wedding Donatella, the local florist hand-weaved luscious garland of bay leaves down the center of the table with vases overflowing with fragrant peonies, the priest was eager to perform his first English-speaking ceremony, the musicians were fine tuning their instruments and Elisa the baker was icing the cake when the sky opened up & a massive summer rain reared its ugly head!....
-Ashley Bartner

To view a few of my favorite photos of the wedding click here:Italian Countryside, Food & Farmhouse Photo Series: Le Nozze
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