Monday, October 11

Fall Harvest on our Italian Farm - Recipes & Photos

Crisp cool air, falling leaves and tall green wellies on suntanned skin with a crate of homegrown veggies hoisted over his shoulder adorning a huge smile on his face - It’s harvest time and Jason knows all that work throughout the spring & summer has paid off! For our sophomore garden we scaled back a bit in respect to last year. That being said, we had 80 pepper plants, beans forever, a few hundred tomatoes, 200 cabbages in 5 varieties, and countless rows of radicchio, lettuces, raddishes, cucumbers, cantelope, watermelons, zucchini, corn, eggplant, herbs, garlic, onions, potatoes, pumpkins....and the kitchen sink!

Photos & recipes from the fall harvest on our organic farm in Le Marche.

Peperoni or Peppers used in countless dishes, but my favorite is when they are simply stewed - Peperonata.

Borlotti or cranberry beans - picked & drying in the sun.

Once the shells are dry we shuck them & pop out these beautiful cranberry speckled beans. Served simply with a healthy drizzle of extra virgin olive oil or add it to soups to hearty it up a bit.

Jason returns up from the garden, caked with mud, barring dinner not in plastic bags but with an overflowing basket of goods freshly picked for dinner. With the sheer volume of the veggies we are producing we have been freezing, jarring & preserving and braided onions for weeks!

Cipolle - onions. We grow rows & rows of yellow & purple onions because we just can't get enough of their sweet flavor.

Cavolo nero & cavolo verza - cabbages & kale

Dark leafy greens sauteed with garlic & olive oil or topped on crostini. It's great wilted into soups as well.

Turkish or ugly squash makes the perfect stuffing for Pumpkin Stuffed Ravioli with Butter & Sage Recipe

It seems as if every corner I turn there is another case of squash, onions or garlic waiting to be prepared & eaten next...check back for loads of new fall recipes coming!

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