Friday, September 10

Tons of Tomatoes Ripe for the Pickin'

We have been busy picking, jarring & eating hundreds of pounds of pomodori from our garden! Just as we think we are caught up its time to pick again & we haul up another 10 crates from the garden overflowing with bright red juicy tomatoes. And this is considered a "bad" year - after a mid-summer storm destroyed about half our crop.

Tell-tale Signs of Tomato Jarring:
-crates of tomatoes stacked up around every corner I turn
-our clothes are covered in tomato guts
-filled jars ready to be labeled and stacked in cantina
-random tomatoes tossed about the yard
-my fingers are stained pinkish-red from jamming my fists into the jars
- somehow I didn't notice, head to town with tomato seeds on in my hair -those tiny little suckers stick to everything & everywhere!!
...finally an irrational irritability when anyone mentions the word 'pomodoro'

We have 7 varieties all bursting with flavor & just beggin' to be popped in your mouth still warm with that undeniable taste of the garden!

Time to buy more jars....

Read more on how we store & jar our tomatoes to preserve their flavor and enjoy them all winter long - Picking & Jarring Tomatoes in Italy
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