Monday, August 30

Italian Kitchen Garden~ Bursting with Color & Flavor

Fennel from the garden

As the first leaves begin to fall, summer slowly merges with autumn and our garden is bursting with organic & heirloom veggies! After a late start to the season we are now stocked full of peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuces, onions, eggplant, green beans, green beans & more green beans! We've been picking & eating kilos of them daily! This summer my favorite dish with those never ending beans is sauteed with garlic & olive oil and tossed with toasted almonds! I can't get enough!! Another great way to use green beans is to pickle them with a spicy vinegar brine - perfect for a Bloody Mary!

We've started jarring our tomatoes for the winter as well - 50 jars down - only about another 200+ to go...The fennel is looking fantastic, broccoli is about a week away and the corn is earmarked for the grill! I am particularly excited about our first crop of brussel sprouts as well. Ahhh the bounty of a full garden - we are well fed for sure!

View of the farmhouse from the garden
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