Sunday, August 29

An Italian Feast Day - Ferragosto

This year we hosted a ferragosto party for 38 - a mix of friends from Urbino & Pesaro as well as family and guests from around the world! It was fantastic and the menu perfect for a summer lunch. All the veggies came from our garden & eggs from our chickens.
Ferragosto is the feast day for the Emperor Augustus (& the Feast of Assumption), the culmination of summer marked by eating & drinking with friends. This holiday is observed by all Italians!

We set out 300 year old wine barrels as 'stations' for the buffet as we served everything at once - family style (as opposed to last years sit-down, plated feast). Since the house was full of friends we wanted to chance to be able to enjoy the day as well & not run around totally crazed.

Homemade salami and lonzo
Prosciuto & melon
Aged pecorino (sheep's milk cheese)
Vedure gratinata - Veggies with bread crumbs


Potato garden casserole

Assorted cakes and homemade pastries and fruit

It was a warm sunny day - a splash in the pool, a delicious lunch a bit of limoncello - ahh summer in Italy!

A tired chef at the end of the day
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