Monday, June 11

La Fiorita: Millions of Flower Petals Cover the Cobblestone Streets in Villages Across Italy

Straight out of an old Italian film, the first Sunday of June villages across Italy celebrate La Fiorita (or Corpus Domini), a relgious holiday by decorating the streets in flower petals followed by a procession through town led by the priest, clergy, band, mayor & townspeople (men & women separated of course). This is one of the most beautiful traditions of Piobbico, not only the because of the flower petals on the streets but the townspeople that come together to decorate our little village. 
An hour before the procession, the townspeople gather with boxes over-flowing with sweet smelling flowers & vibrant colored petals of roses, lilies & daisies. A friendly neighbor has come by early & created frames with sprigs of rosemary to be filled with pictures made of flowers. From young to old they meticulously place each petal with pride.
As the priest leads the villagers through town sharing blessings, he breaks through this most beautiful offering. I nod at the Mayor with a smile, wink at 13 year old Mariellena whom I tutor in English, acknowledging the plumber too as he passes.
 I love being part this community and sharing in the traditions of this wonderful Italian culture!

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