Wednesday, April 28

Homemade Limoncello - A Refreshing Buzz

Limoncello - ahh that means warm summer days in Italy are here!
After Jason returned from the market the other day with 2 crates overflowing with bright yellow fragrant Sicilian lemons - we knew we had some work to do! Now I can' really cook to save my life - but somehow I've picked up the knack of making booze! So that is my contribution to the table - after dinner drinks. Limoncello is one of the easiest liquors to make with only a few ingredients. Like most Italian recipes, they vary all over Italy - especially on the length you soak the lemon rinds to the amount of sugar - so have fun with it & keep tasting it as you go! As the alcohol absorbs the flavors from the peel you will notice it turn to a beautiful golden yellow.
We used over 60 large lemons & yielded over 15 liters of limoncello!

Note: In Italy pure alcohol is found at the hardware store! (Isn't that hysterical!) In case you cannot find it at your local Home Depot - you may use pure Vodka or Everclear.

Limoncello Recipe
Rinds of 6-7 lemons (no whites)
1/2 liter of pure alcohol
1 liter of water
500 gr. sugar

Let the lemon rinds soak in alcohol for 10 days
Filter the lemon rinds.
Make a simple syrup with the sugar & water (warming the water on the stove & incorporating all the sugar).
Combine the simple syrup with the alcohol & mix.
Bottle & freeze.
Serve cold!

So easy you can make it while holding a baby!


  1. A baby. You and Jason have been busy since we saw you in October :)

  2. This looks fabulous and easy. Just don't mix those bottles up, Ashley!

  3. Yums! One of my favorite Italian sippin' beverages... besides your homemade nocino, that is! We may have to try to make some lemoncello ourselves, tho I doubt it'll be as fabulous as what we had in Italy. :)

  4. Do you have similar recipe sans alcohol? I'd love to make something like this, but can't handle the liquor. It looks so lovely in those glass bottles!

  5. OK - side note: not our baby! That is Lily - the sweetest chubbiest little tot I know, our dear friends Luke & Monica from Seattle came to visit & we just feel in love with her! (PS BIG thanks to Monica for peeling all those lemons!)

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  7. Whee! Had me surprised there for a moment! Baby or no baby, save some lemoncello for us in November. Right, Russ? LOL. Anyone want to join us in November? Big cooking party guaranteed!


  8. Thanks for the recipe! Now, where do I get that 1 1/2 Liter of Pure Alcohol in Pennsylvania?

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  10. That looks fantastic!! Makes my mouth water... plus, what a bonus that you can do it while holding a baby!!! Haha, must try it one day (the limoncello that is...):)

  11. I love lemon, and I'm sure this is delicious.

  12. That looks amazing! It's easy to forget that so many delicious things are fairly simple to make at home. You used beautiful bottles for it, too. A fabulous post all around!

  13. I promise to try this recipe out one day! I already wrote it down ;)

    Indeed I was wondering where I could find pure alcohol in italy :D (thanks for the tip) That would be the hardest to find :D

  14. fantastic! just had the real deal in Bologna, Italy last week!!

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