Wednesday, April 28

Homemade Limoncello - A Refreshing Buzz

Limoncello - ahh that means warm summer days in Italy are here!
After Jason returned from the market the other day with 2 crates overflowing with bright yellow fragrant Sicilian lemons - we knew we had some work to do! Now I can' really cook to save my life - but somehow I've picked up the knack of making booze! So that is my contribution to the table - after dinner drinks. Limoncello is one of the easiest liquors to make with only a few ingredients. Like most Italian recipes, they vary all over Italy - especially on the length you soak the lemon rinds to the amount of sugar - so have fun with it & keep tasting it as you go! As the alcohol absorbs the flavors from the peel you will notice it turn to a beautiful golden yellow.
We used over 60 large lemons & yielded over 15 liters of limoncello!

Note: In Italy pure alcohol is found at the hardware store! (Isn't that hysterical!) In case you cannot find it at your local Home Depot - you may use pure Vodka or Everclear.

Limoncello Recipe
Rinds of 6-7 lemons (no whites)
1/2 liter of pure alcohol
1 liter of water
500 gr. sugar

Let the lemon rinds soak in alcohol for 10 days
Filter the lemon rinds.
Make a simple syrup with the sugar & water (warming the water on the stove & incorporating all the sugar).
Combine the simple syrup with the alcohol & mix.
Bottle & freeze.
Serve cold!

So easy you can make it while holding a baby!
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