Saturday, April 24

The Price He Paid for Farm Fresh Eggs

It has taken 300% longer than expected but I can now confidently say our first chicken coop is done! Jason & Doctor Gaggi have been down in the coop for weeks - tweaking here, digging there, repositioning. A project Jason thought would take 2 days has damn near killed him - he banged his nose with a sledge hammer, split his lip open with the back of the hammer & smacked his forehead on the final 3 days! In classic Dott. Gaggi form, he declared with a wiry grin, "At the end of your arms instead of hands, there are hammers." This might in fact be true- But the end result looks great and I know the chickens will be happy!

We have the only coop on the road with poured cement around both doors, re bar reinforcement and welded joints! We recycled old materials found on the property; door, shelves, trees - you name it, we used it! The only thing we purchased was the fencing.

There is nothing more that the foxes would love than a chicken dinner - so the entire coop needed to wrapped in fencing from top to bottom! We asked a neighbor whose chickens roam free without a fence how do they keep the fox away? Matter of factly PierAngelo answered: "Oh no, we don't. Last year they killed all my chickens & the ducks!"

Jason learned a thing or two from this:
1. Do not stare at the welding torch without proper darkened glasses.
2. Have a plan on paper- It will save a lot of time and frustration. Nothing is worse than having to rip down a days worth of work.

Jason & the Doctor are confident the chick-a-dees will be happy in their luxury digs - at 5.5 meters by 4 meters -there's plenty of space for 12 or so chickens to sleep happily & then free to roam about the property all day!

A BIG grazie mille to the good Doctor for all his help on yet another project on the farm. Now all we need are the chickens...
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