Sunday, March 28

What to do with Fennel? Fennel & Blood Orange Salad

Fennel - what is it? A big onion? A bulb? Is it even edible? YES and how delicious it is!
The secret is to know how to use it & what to pair it with.

Fennel can be a bit tough & fibrous with an anise flavor. It is also light, crunchy & refreshing when sliced very thin (found in many Mediterranean recipes.) We not only grow our own big bulbs of fennel but another variety of fennel grows wild along our road - the more leafy/flowery type to used as an aromatic.

Here is one of my favorite winter/early spring recipes from Jason below. Other ways to use/eat fennel: roasted (love it), braised in white wine (delicious) and the most simplistic - young fennel can be cut into chunks & dipped into olive oil & salt. (oh so Italian!)

Fennel & Blood Orange Salad

1 bulb of fennel, cut in 1/2 and remove core
2-3 blood oranges
salt & pepper
3 glugs of extra virgin olive oil

Slice fennel as this as possible (use a food slicer or mandolin if available).
Peel & supreme the oranges. Save the extra pulp & squeeze the remaining juice into the bowl.
Mix sliced fennel, juice from the pulp & oranges - season with salt & pepper.
Drizzle with olive oil & toss.
Let stand for 10 minutes then serve.


  1. This salad sounds fantastic! I've only recently been introduced to the delightful fennel and welcome new ways to eat it. It's great raw. ;)

  2. delicious! i have some blood oranges right now - will have to get some fennel! THANK YOU!

  3. I will have to try this recipe along with the others your have on your blog. I looooove blood oranges. I'm wondering if they sell them here in the US, but I haven't happened upon them... ever! Peccato!

    PS. I'll be putting up more photos soon of Urbino. :)

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  5. Try roasting fennel at approx. 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Coat a baking dish with non-stick spray. Cut each fennel in half and lie flat on the baking dish. Drizzle each with extra virgin olive oil and season with just salt and freshly-ground black pepper. Using a fork, poke it occasionally to test when it's almost done cooking. When the fork begins to enter the fennel easily, drizzle vino cotto over the top. Bring the vino cotto to a gentle boil for 1-2 minutes. Remove fennel from the heat and serve. Delicious!

  6. Hey,thanks for sharing. I'm snatching your recipe for future use! hehe I wanna share this post to my friends in Foodista as well, just if you won't mind adding the foodista widget for fennel at the end of this post, then that should do it! The widget will direct readers to your blog when they go looking for fennel recipes ;-) keep em coming!

    cheers, Amy from Australia

  7. Thanks Amy B. - just added the link! Enjoy the recipes!

  8. Sure thing Ashley and Jason :D Definitely am enjoying them, thanks for adding the widget. Would love to hear more from you guys. :) You should try adding a widget to each of your post so we get updates every time you put a new recipe up, that'd be super :D All the best, Amy @ Foodista


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