Saturday, February 6

Foodie Giveaway

Thought you may be interested in some free kitchen/foodie favs!

This February, is cleaning out their pantries for the second annual SAVEUR Foodie Giveaway! They are giving away tons of fantastic kitchen products and foodie favorites. Each prize will be open for 24 hours, so check back often to enter to win each one!
The next giveaway is on Monday the 8th:

Gourmet entertainment for any occasion. Cooking that's fun for all as everyone's a chef with this versatile raclette party grill - a Swiss tradition you'll love!

But I've got my eye on this foodie favorite for Monday the 15th:
Le Creuset Pan
Le Creuset pans and skillets yield impeccable results time after time. The inner cooking surface is satin black enamel which seals in juices creating a succulent and tender meal.

Good Luck!
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