Monday, January 18

...just another reason I love living in Italy

I received this email from a friend & neighbor today:

"Hi Ashley & Jason,
Have a look at the picture. It is a prosciutto of 8,8 Kg with bone. It is very nice and tasty, good quality ham, but it is a little big for me alone. So I guessed if you might be interested. I can keep it fresh until you're back and from then you can use it for anything you like. Of course this kind of prosciutto should be cut by hand and I know you have the ham holder and probably also the knife.
Let me know if you are interested, if not I'll make sure to find another candidate for this baby.
Bye, Pieter"

with this picture attached:
Very nice & tasty indeed! Ohh I think we are definitely interested, Pieter - Grazie Mille!!
Reason 10001 of why we love living in Italy - Prosciutto gifts! Because when was the last time your neighbor gave you one of these?! (PS- that's about 20lbs of pork!)

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