Monday, December 21

Celebrating Christmas in Italy with a Living Nativity ~ A Favorite Holiday Tradition

Every year small towns across Italy come together to celebrate Christmas with a living nativity or presepi viventi - this is our most favorite holiday tradition in Italy. Sadly, this year the festivities were delayed due to horrible weather in Piobbico. Well, you can't expect baby Jesus to sit out in the cold all night, can you?! Read about last years living nativity in Piobbico here: Natale 2008 Piobbico Living Nativity or better yet....check out the video below.

By Marche (web tv of the Marche Region) has created this beautiful video of the living nativity scenes & Christmas celebrations throughout Le Marche and they just so happen to start with our very own Piobbico:

~ Tanti Auguri per un Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo ~
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