Wednesday, September 16

Pint-size Italian Peasants

Festa della Madonna or La processione delle Rocche (The procession of the fortress) was celebrated last week in our small town of Piobbico. Details are a bit sketchy (even when I asked the Religion teacher) but all confirm it is one of the holiest days in Piobbico.
My favorite part is that all the local kids are dressed in the period peasant costumes -they all look soo cute!
Every year on the eighth day of September the town shuts down to honor La Madonna with a procession from the castle through town & then up to Monte Nerone for mass. It is beautiful to see all the townsfolk come together & participate. The procession has its roots in the distant past - something about shepherds, the Madonna & a cave - but where the yarn on a stick comes in I'm totally lost!

I must say that regardless of religious affiliation, Italian festivals are not to be missed - the sense of community is overwhelming, not to mention the great costumes!

And according to locals it is all thanks to us participating in this procession that I walked away unscathed by my car accident - I won't miss next year's - that's for sure!
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