Tuesday, September 8

Lunch in A Can

We recently had the day off & decided to take a nice drive down the coast. With summer coming to an end, we wanted to get in another day at the beach, this time the picturesque town of Portonovo (about an hour & half south of our agriturismo).

In Portonovo you park the car & then there is a bit of a walk to the beach via a web of trails through a lovely shaded park. We were wandering about the trails when low & behold we saw a sign for 'sushi' & didn't think twice - beeline! Now I must mention 2 things:
1. we CRAVE sushi, mexican, thai - any ethnic food is rare in our neck of the woods
2. as we almost ran to the restaurant - I was carrying a rather large bag filled fresh baked breads that we had just bought for lunch! Is that considered fat?!

As soon as my toes hit the sand, there it was - a super cute beach shack cafe - man, this must be fresh! As we got closer no one seemed to be eating sushi...what? Disspointingly there was none but since the place was so damn cute we just had to stay for a drink. I've gotta make another note here - Jason NEVER does this - he loathes eating at cafe's in the main square or anywhere too touristy just for the ambiance - I'm totally about the ambiance - so this was a treat!

I ordered a white wine & grilled tuna. Jason ordered the sepia & peas - he was a bit nervous because it isn't pea season & was afraid their were frozen - I assured him that I'm sure the sepia is super fresh - we are on the sea!

Shock & awe set in as the waitress set down our plates.....CANS!
Not only were the peas canned - so was the fish! And why did they give us the can? It was all so weird!

Notice the pure disgust in Jason's face as he examines the can we just ordered for lunch!
2 Cans
2 Glasses of White Wine

never again...
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