Monday, August 31

A Potato Fest with a Spin!

...A spin on the giro-roasto that is!

What was promoted as the Festa della Patata Rossa (Red Potato Festival) should have in-fact been called the Spit-Fire Fest! I think they would have tripled their attendance if people had a clue what would be served up at this particular potato fest.

As we made our way into the little village of Borgo Pace the breeze blew past us heavy with the smell of fire & meat! When what did my wondering eyes see - the big beautiful giro roasto - rotissieri!Grilled meats slowly cooked over an open fire - does it get any better than that?! YES! When its quale they have crammed on those skewers! Quale is a delicacy here in the Italian countryside - a prized hunt & a most delicious dish to serve! (These ladies meant business - serving up lunch & dinner)
And since this was the potato fest - the grilled meats (quale, chicken & sausages) were served with gnocchi in a duck ragu & roasted potatoes.

We were a bit early & lunch didn't start for an hour so we strolled about the tiny town (we probably made 4 loops - not much else to do or see & we couldn't get too far from the rotisseier now could we!) So why not start grazing...There were a few stands serving potato based foods - my favorite being the potato flour doughnuts (as a fatty I went back for it actually considered thirds when I ate half of Jason's too ...what! they were soo good & warm!) They also had little fried gnocchi with sugar, frittars, fries, & more - you could even buy just a big bag of red taters. We happened upon the mini antique car show with a dozen or so cars - the lot mainly filled with the ever loved Fiat 500. But this sweet Triumph could take me home!

By the way - check out how super sexy the promo poster is for the potato festival...grasping the potatoes to her boosom!
In celebration of the spud (& giro roasto)~ until next year!
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