Sunday, August 2

If Two Hands are Better than One...How About Six!

What a month! July has flown by!! I've had lots of family in town & it has been a blast! They have been so awesome helping out & jumping right in -Jason & I are normally a crew of two - but not this month!
Linda was fantastic in the garden- watering everyday and returning with baskets full of tomatoes, onions & whatever else is prime for the picking (watching from afar she seemed at home down there) - plus, she stood at the sink doing dishes for about 3 hours straight one night when we had a dinner for 30! Grace, my 12 year old cousin, has been so cool - always asking if she can help - we cleaned apartments together singing "Stand by your Man" it was one of those times you know you will always remember with a smile on your face! She totally dug the pool, the cats, the garden & the tiramisu! And what can I say about good old Uncle Shawn-bob?! From the moment we told him we were moving to Italy he has been pumped & ready to help with total enthusiasm & I (actually, we) are forever thankful! Chopping wood, filling the sisterns every morning with the water needed for the garden, working the pizza oven, filling up water bottles from the spigots in town, mowing our massive lawn & ...zucchini bread!

Day trips to hill top towns, midnight makeovers & zucchini baking, bottling wine, jamming & jarring & swimming in the Adriatic - what can I say...It's been epic!
Thanks for the memories!!!!

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