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Eating Your Way Through Le Marche ~ September 2009

Summer is ending & the harvest festivals are just beginning! In September there is a bit of a lull in the festivities but come October we will be chock full of'em!

September 2009

Sagra del Polentone alla Carbonara - First Sunday in September
Polenta festival, election of the President of the Ugly Club, folklore & gastronomy all day.
(Piobbico is our closest little town - only about 4km from the main road!)

The pleasure of the table in the Middle Ages, medieval dinners. Reservations strongly suggested. +39.0541.964673

Centenarie fiere di Pugliano - Every Monday in September
The centenary fair of Pulgiano is one of the most ancient livestock fairs in the province, it is held on apx 8 acres of land - starting at 5am.
(Piobbico Castel Brancaleoni)
Festa delle cantine - 2nd Saturday
Wine & food festival, tasting & folklore starting at 9am in the castle & old centre.

Serra Sant'Abbondio
Palio della Rocca - Weekend before the 16th
Horse & goose race, historic re-enactment in medieval costumes with a goose blessing on Saturday and racing on Sunday. Food, wine & dancing!

Serra Sant'Abbondio
Feast of Saint Abbondio with a market along the streets of the town in the morning. Awarding of the banner/flag to the winning castle for the Palio della Rocca in the evening.

Sagra della polenta e palio della gallina - 3rd Weekend
Polenta festival & hen race with gastronomic traditions & stands, cultural activities & live entertainment.
Urbino land of bio-diversity - looking at autumn, market fair of typical food & products of the season & area.

Make sure to always check online &/call or email to confirm as dates are very flexible & subject to change at a moments notice!
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