Tuesday, July 28

Plenty 'O Plums Plump for the Pickin'

~ Say that 3 times fast!

Our farmhouse is surrounding by tons of fruit trees (apricot, apple, cherry, nespola, pear & more) - this year the plums have taken over! We've got over 5 different varieties of plums - tiny pale green, plump yellow, 2 types of purple - a mix of tart & sweet. And of course they are all ready, heavy with ripe fruit at the same time!

In a about a hour, together with my aunt & cousin we picked a metric ton! As we were picking & filling up basket after basket in no time flat I couldn't help but think: "man I hope we like plum preserves because we are going to have a year's worth for sure!" So what to do with all these plums....start jammin' baby!

Plum Preserves
Marmellata di Susine

1.5 heaping teaspoons of pectin
1 liter of plum mush (seeds & skins removed)
sugar to taste

Combine above ingredients boil for 5 minutes.
Ladle preserves into just boiled screaming hot jars. (Techniques will differ in the jarring process I am sure)
Cover hot jars (filled with hot preserves) with an airtight glass container.
Once you hear the "pop" of the lid sealing the jars are ready to be shelved or eaten on toast!
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