Tuesday, July 28

Life's A Beach...but 1st Let's Hit Up the Market

Fano is a much overlooked medieval beach town (with a fantastic Roman wall) along the Adriatic (only a 40 minute drive from our farmhouse) with a wonderful open-air Saturday market, as well as antique market & easy beach access.

With friends & family we weaved through the crowded streets of Fano - stopping for a caffe, a few postcards, photo-ops along the way and to peep through open doors for a glimpse of secret piazza's like this one:We picked up mid-morning snacks - juicy peaches & the prerequisite porchetta (pork sandwich) and headed for a gelato as the cherry on top!

Maki (Piazza degli Avveduti, 1 ) is a wonderful artisan gelateria in Fano, named "the best" by locals and as a gelato conessiour, I would have to agree! I prefer their fruity flavors (normally I go for pistachio & caffe - but on a hot beach day cool fruit flavors are best).

After feeding our sweet tooth, we bee-lined it for the beach! Soft pebbles massaged our toes as we waded into the water (some of us in the proper bathing "costume" & others went in head first wearing jeans!) You can rent a cabana, beach loungers & an umbrella for about 16 Euro for the day at one of the many semi-private beaches or just head down the road to the free beach. I must say it sounds weird to pay for a spot on the beach (coming from the States were most beaches are totally public) however it keeps it very clean, you don't have to lug a million things with you & you feel extra Italian - lounging among the perfectly bronzed Italian speedos & goddesses!

Hours later we returned home salty & suntanned ready for a nap!

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