Wednesday, July 22

The Easist Antipasta Ever ~ Zucchini-mania!

Our farm/garden is still producing an insane amount of zucchini! So what to do with them - we've made everything from pasta & bread to simple fresh antipasti and of course using the zucchini blossoms (I'll post recipes with those too - fried & in pasta). Here is a no fail way to use young fresh zucchini that makes a wonderful antipasta or appetizer - seriously with only 3 steps how can you go wrong?!

Thinly Sliced Zucchini
Fine Fine Zucchini

olive oil

Use mandolin or slicer, slice zucchini very very thinly - paper thin.

Lay out one layer on a plate or plater.

Crack of pepper, crack of salt, drizzle olive oil, squeeze of lemon & shave parmesan over the top.

Let sit for 15 minutes & serve.

Jason with friend & guest Fabio after picking "just a few" zucs from the farm.
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