Tuesday, April 7

The Other Raphael - Not the Ninja Turtle

Well I thought I'd add a little class - culture & arts - since it is SO lacking on our blog! 

(Raffaello, self portrait)

From the 4th of April until the 12th of July the beautiful medieval Palazzo Ducale of Urbino (Duke's Palace) is unveiling many rare & early works of their good ol homeboy Raffaello.

(Bust of an angel)

Making all those in Urbino proud, yes! this famous painter was born & raised in Urbino (our 'big' town, only 25 minutes away) they have chosen to display this show in Raffeaello's hometown. 

(Saint Giovanni, Coronation of the Virgin)

The exhibition reconstructs the artistic & cultural background of the late 14o0's when Raffaello & his father ran a rich & successful studio. 

(Madonna & Child)

The town of Urbino had a strong influence on his developement as an artist & remained an important reference point for him throughout his life.

(Saint Michael)

For more on Raffaello & Urbino or to buy tickets - Click here!

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