Wednesday, June 3

Local Honey Tastes Best ~ Miele Buonissimo!

Driving down our road the other day we noticed our neighbor Walter (pronounced Valter), working with the bees so we had to stop!

He showed us the boxes, the bees & the "goods" - that golden sweet honey!

In a region filled with artisan honey filling every market, we choose to buy only the best & that just so happens to be from our neighbors! They only make enough for family, friends & the random passerby who would like a jar.

There are 2 sometimes 3 typs of honey offered -
acacia, mille fiori (thousand flowers - mixed) & castagna (chestnut). And they come in 3 colors - clear (this years acacia is just perfect), golden amber (last years mille fiori) and then third is almost like butter - grainy & creamy and wonderful with tea!

Next time you are staying with us, you can either buy a jar or two from us or we'll point you in the right direction down the road to meet our neighbors & their delicious nectar of the bees! My favorite dish Jason makes with the honey - fresh figs with aged pecorino (sheep's milk cheese) drizzled with honey. Squisito!

In Italy or not - support your local honey farmers!
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