Tuesday, March 24

Meat Fest '09

Our buddy Craig (an American expat living a chiroprators dream in Rotterdam) was in town & we were checking out local events for the weekend & came across a festival that literally translated to "the pleasure of meat."  Well what can I say, we were inspired! We decided to create our own Meat Fest '09 & knew the perfect spot for dinner.

Tucked away in the ancient cantina & stables of the castle in Frontone a handful of local Italian women really know how to work a grill! Taverna della Rocca (tavern of the rock) is essentially a meat lovers paradise & grill house - they serve up a simple menu of grilled meats - need I say more...Oh! I will - meat & homemade crescia (or piadina or flat bread) which is just awesome - lard, flour, salt, eggs - that's it! But you know its gonna be good when the first ingredient is lard!

We were lucky to be seated in the grill room with the big fireplace & right smack in the mix of all the action! The place is huge with massive arches, stone walls & antiques mismatched hanging from the walls are on display.  We we all hypnotized by the fire, the way they worked the grill, the amount of meat being fired up.... and how the hell many crescie (flat breads) has that woman grilled up!!   (This had become a topic of the table taking random guess as the dinner grew longer - she got to be up to a hundred by now...)  So I finally asked one of the ladies how many crescia do you make a night, "not many" she shrugged off - "I asked, but how many is that? Tonight for example?"...."Oh about 400, not many. For big holidays like Ferragosto or Lunedi di Pasqua more like 1200-1300." -WOW!

They have 2 grills going - one for the flat bread & the other for the meat. You can have your choice of steak, lamb, sausages, pork chops, rabbit in the style of porchetta, sausages or mixed grill.  We all ordered & then for good measure threw in an extra order of what else but ... sausages -  why not?! This IS Meat Fest 'o9! A simple antipasti plate arrives of fresh hot-off the grill flat bread, assorted cured meats, cheese & sauteed cabbage, potatoes & pancetta. Check and check - more meat!

Hours later, our bellies filled to the brim we waddled our way out (not before we dusted off a little dessert for good measure) and made our way home! All this (antipasti, meats, potatoes, dessert, vino, caffe) our very own Meat Fest for only 20 Euro a person!

Taverna della Rocca in Frontone (near Cagli)
Via Giacomo Leopardi, 20 
61040 Frontone (PU)
phone: 0721.78218
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