Saturday, March 14

Giro d'Italia 2009, Lance + Mountains + Piobbico = Priceless!!

First things first - Lance is heading to our neck of the woods & we couldn't be more excited, let's just say not surprisingly he is the talk of the town!!!

Lance Armstrong will be biking through our little piccolo Piobbico and we will be there rootin' him on for sure!!

They have released the race map for the 2009 Giro d' Italia - the 100th bike race through bella Italia starting in Venice & ending in Rome covering 3,395.5km through the mountains & countryside (not to mention hitting Austria & France).
This year it passes through Aqualagna & Piobbico as they head up to Monte Nerone & Monte Petrano in what is being called "longer (229 km) and harder (4700m of climbing) than originaly speculated & confirmed for May 25th!!

A great web site to keep up to date with all the official happenings, in English, is

These guys are insane! I just watched a fly-by tour of their route & its crazy! Check it out here

Are you looking for a place to stay close to the action? Need last-minute accommodations for the festivities in Le Marche? Book Now at La Tavola Marche Agriturismo - just a few km from Piobbico, Urbania & Urbino in the shadow of Monte Nerone & Monte Petrano - a perfect place to stay for a night or 2 while following the festivities!

If you can make it to the route, where ever that may be - DO IT! It's a party to remember, maybe I'll see you there!!

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