Wednesday, March 18

The #1 MUST Have Book for Italy

Anyone who is traveling to Italy - foodie or not - this is the #1 recommended book by La Tavola Marche that you MUST pack!!

The Marling Menu - Master for Italy

This slim little booklet breaks down the Italian menu, course by course & explains not only the dish & what's in it, but sometimes its origin as well. I know its no fun to look like a tourist - but this book is worth it - because now you can order in confidence. Sometimes there are menu items some of you may want to avoid - brains, horse or tripe for example or other things you may be craving but just don't know how to ask for it.

Order it now online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or your favorite bookstore today!

For more on dining out in Italy & use of this great guide - click here - to listen to our podcast!!
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