Monday, February 23

Spring Fever? Check Out Cheap Flights & Airline Sales to Italy

Looking for flights to Italy this spring or summer? Try $325 round trip from JFK to Bologna April 25th - 2nd of May and arrive just in time for our All Inclusive Spring Cooking Week! There's tons more, you just gotta know where to look!

Spring in Le Marche

Check out these sites: (I used Seattle & New York as example to show coast to coast deals)

Cheap O Air - I just checked out round trip tickets in July from Seattle to Rome & found tickets for $1,100 (with one stop) OR JFK to Rome in April for $420 bucks nonstop - now we are talking! Plus with their Presidents Day Sale take $10-$15 off the final price (ending 28/02/09)

Lufthansa is offering numerous discounted flights including Bella Italia with tickets to Italy from $180 for the spring and they just released a Romantic Europe Sale including a Buy-1-Get-1 at 50% OFF special to some of Europe's most popular destinations. Fly to Rome or Venice starting at $546 - but remember, that's each way for 2 people. So it's actually $273 each way per person after the discount! Depart April 3 through May 22 to take advantage of this special. Just be sure to book soon as we don't expect this offer to last long.

Travel Zoo - is packed with deals take a look - that's where I found the Lufthansa sale!

Kayak - I randomly checked a week in June & found JFK to Bologna for 805 Euro.

Skyscanner is great too & checks for inter-European flights which come in handy when you are hitting up multiple destinations or find an outrageous deal to London & then need to find your way from London to Italy for example. Also it uses a handy graph of each month, with the cost per day of flights so you can see when its cheapest to fly.

How far of a drive are we from the airport?
Rimini - 1.5 hours
Ancona - 1.5 hours
Forli - 1.5 hours
Bologna - 2 hours
Florence - a little over 2 hours
Rome - a little over 3 hours
Venice - 4 hours
Milan - 5 hours

So start clicking away & find a cheap flight today!
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