Wednesday, December 3

Thanksgiving Leftovers

We celebrated Thanksgiving twice this year - one with Italians & one with Americans.
Last Sunday we threw "A Real American Thanksgiving" for our Italian friends (the closest translation to thanksgiving is ringraziamente). Italians obviously don't celebrate Thanksgiving & they are not accustomed to eating/cooking a turkey whole. So this was a spectacle for them, for sure! We ordered our turkey a week ahead from our butcher, when we came to pick it up - their eyes lite up with excitment - "ohhhh....we've only seen a whole roasted turkey in the movies! You always see them open the oven & out comes the turkey - whole!"

We decided to go all out for our Italian friends & neighbors - but that also meant no pasta! We made all the fixin's - from Butternut squash soup, cornbread stuffing (my fav!), mashed potatoes (again the Italians thought it was hysterical to see 'American potatoes done up like that!"), green beans & more - of course pies -pumpkin pie from scratch (no canned pumpkin can even be found) & good old apple pie!
(Jason modeling his sexy Italian housewife coat/apron)

The bird was fantastic - Jason was up at 4am - cooking it low & slow in the oven & then finishing it off at Gaggi's house in his brand new wood oven (with temperature gages to regulate the heat). Everyone stuffed themselves, it was great! I heard a few whispers - that this must be why American's are fatter because they eat like this EVERYday! Not true, not true ...
They cheered when the turkey was presented, took pictures with my grade school drawing of a turkey (you know when you trace your hand!) and lined up to take pictures with the real turkey!

After a few days of leftovers - we headed up north past Venice to Aviano and the American AirForce Base to celebrate Thanksgiving with Tina, Ryan & Wyatt as well as other Americans...but more importantly to watch football! It was fun to speak English, hang out with friends & go shopping on the base. It was great to veg out in sweats, play with the baby & this time Jason didn't have to cook!
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