Monday, December 15

Fix Our Strada!

A full media blitz is underway to fix our road! Anyone who has stayed with us knows that our road - via Candigliano is full of holes! It's horrible & with the bad rainy weather it just keeps getting worse. This weekend we participated in our first Prostesta in Italia! We blocked the entrance of the street & gathered signatures for a petition to fix the road ASAP!
The locale newspaper & newstation were on-hand covering the protest!

Now, this must be noted- only in Italy will you find a protest complete with a table full of jugs of homemade wine, a little pecorino cheese, some salumi & bread. It was more like a picnic & social gathering among neighbors, friends & hunters.Jason was in the paper in 2 different pictures for the protest! He is the crazy American with a bright red Canada sweatshirt! The story made the 7:30 Sunday evening news on TV last night! The local police showed up as well as the caribineri (military police) to see what the fuss was about. Nothing in Italy gets done quickly when it comes to government so if the road is repaired in 2009 sometime, we'll be happy.
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