Sunday, November 9

Move Over Martha!

We are getting pretty handy & crafty out here I must say! We've been jarring, canning, preserving, jamming, etc. all summer/fall. (I also made a wreath from scratch -using pliable branches & rosehib - I was really proud of myself on this one!)  Our pantry is full of apple sauces, apple chutney, peach jam, peach preserves & much more in the fruit dept. But now we've got onions! Cipolline - little pearl onions.
It took forever & a total group effort to peel 11 pounds of tiny onions! Beware you may smell like onions for a day or so after, I think my skin absorbed the onions...Oh but it's worth it!
We made a few different vinegar combo's - sotto aceto - under vinegar but my favorite is with balsamic vinegar.  Use whatever you have or like - for example we used a combo of red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, rosemary, bay leaf & dried peperoncini.
These little onions are so sweet & make perfect antipasta, goes great with meat - or just to pop in your mouth when you walk by the fridge like I do!
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