Thursday, October 16

The Truffle Festivals Continue ... The Sniff Test

Every fall the sleepy town of Sant'Angelo in Vado is filled to the brim with tourists - truffle tasting tourists. Last weekend kicked off the 45th Annual Mostra Nazionale del Tartufo Bianco in Sant'Angelo in Vado (our comune - we're residents)! We headed into town with our friends Rossana & Dott. Gaggi and strolled through the streets sampling the goods & comparing it to Apecchio's latest truffle festival. We thouroughly enjoyed the children's petting zoo - admiring the perfectly plump pigs...ahhh! we will have one or two of our own soon enough...
I was kindly asked to dance with a trio of street muscians & loved it! They were hysterical singing songs, telling stories & jokes within their songs (to be honest we didn't get the jokes, but of course still laughed along with everyone - its crazy how even when you don't know what they are saying somehow its still funny!)

(That's what I call improv- I had no idea what I was doing, but I think I pulled it off & looked like a pro!)

Jason enjoyed the Italian version of barrel-racing, complete with American country music! (sorry no pics, the batteries died.) At first we were hootin' & hollerin' (old pro's of a good ol' rodeo) but no one was really cheering - don't get me wrong people were watching, having a good time but Jason & I were the only ones sounding like barn animals (which I thought was only necessary at a rodeo!) Only the random muffled shouts of 'VAI' ('GO') could you hear in the crowd.

The festival will continue through October to the 2nd of November.
Judges, for a lack of a better term, 'do the sniff test' - with truffles (both black & white) the flavor is more in the smell than the taste. Here, the sniff test is taken seriously!

The truffle in the Marche has ancient historical roots, thus integral part of our culture and tradition. You must take this into account to understand why today it is considered so important in terms of social, ecological, agricultural, forestry and economics. In reality there is a whole world that revolves around this extraordinary product of the earth: the Tartufi first, the dogs & hunters of these truffles, merchants, entrepreneurs for the processing, restaurants & of course the consumer. That is why every year Sant'Angelo in Vado truly celebrates the truffle & all that it means to our community!

This weekend the area is chock full of festivals - too many to choose from!
In Piobbico is the mushoom festival, a saint's day festival in Urbania and a motorcycle rally stopping in Sant' Angelo in Vado!

We've got a lot of bloggin to do baby!
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