Tuesday, October 14

Monte Nerone

(Monte Nerone, PU Italia - winter)

We live in the shadow of Monte Nerone.  Seen for miles & miles or better yet, kilometer after kilometer throughout northern Le Marche. It is our beacon - our north star if you will - if we see Monte Nerone, we know our home is not far from it!
(View of Piobbico, our closest little tiny town)

We have finally taken a drive up to the top!  It was a gorgeous drive, especially in the fall with the burnt orange to brazen red leaves speckling the hillside. 

The top of this mountain has huge antenna's sending radio, tv & cellular signals all over the area - however, we are situated just a bit too close with a foothill in front of our house, thus blocking everything! It is sooo frustrating, we should have awesome cell service but instead we have to run around the front yard - can you hear me now! 

Take a drive, about an hour total roundtrip - in the summer bring some wine & cheese for a picnic, in the fall the foliage is picture perfect & in the winter the ski lift opens! Year-round, Monte Nerone is the place to be!

At 4,403 feet the views are unbeatable you sit above the clouds - to the west you can see into Tuscany & to the east the deep blue color reminds you that the Adriatic Sea is closer than you think!
It is worth a drive to the top for sure - with settlements dating back as early as the sixth century BC, Etruscans left their mark with buried treasures & later the Romans implemented their famed aqueduct infrastructures bring fresh water to the nobility in the villages below  - the history here is just incredible!
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