Tuesday, August 19

Eat Meat

It's never a dull moment here - the other day a neighbor stopped by (the same gentleman that delivers our wood) with a huge box of what else...meat! 18 kg or 32 lbs worth of straight beef!
He had just slaughtered a cow - Chianina, the big white cows of Le Marche & wanted to drop some off. 
Jason had no idea what was in the box as it was pushed to his face, the man spun to jump back in the car with a happy wave to say Ciao!
The box contained:
3 lbs ground beef
6 Rib eye steaks
40 slices of fettine pissaiola - veal for the pan
A huge eye round
4 filet mignon
4 oso buco
3 fatty rib eye steaks
beef with bones for stew
meat for brodo (broth) 
bones without meat for brodo (broth)

Now that is what I call a serious box of meat!  We have yet to get a bill for all this meat, but we can't believe that we could be lucky enough that it's a gift! We'll see....We're just happy eating our way through it & serving the delicious local meat to our guests.
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