Thursday, July 31

A Slightly Smaller Footprint in Flight

Airplanes produce some of the largest amounts of CO2, but here is a way to make your next flight a little greener...

Carbon neutral flights entail spending money on carbon offset programs to make up for the carbon emitted into the atmosphere during your flight. These projects help offset your/our unavoidable emissions. Sites also included carbon emission calculators & carbon neutral programs for the home, your car & travel.  It's kinda cool & scary!

Visit a site like & help offset the carbon emmissions from your flight - it's simple & really not expense only a few extra bucks. For example a flight from London to Ancona in Le Marche will cover 2,936 Km and produce 0.4 tonnes of CO2 or from New York to Rome 7,483 km & 0.8 tonnes.  You can then donate to different charities, new technologies or other projects and save the same amount of CO2 as your flight produced!

A great carbon calculator and travel carbon camparison guide can be found on TerraPass. TerraPass carbon offsets fund clean energy and other projects that result in direct, measurable reductions in carbon emissions.

Other carbon calculators: (and there are tons more sites out there - just google it!)

Carbon Neutral

Green Awards

Despite all our best efforts we will all still emit some Co2.  By supporting these projects you remove Co2 from the energy cycle, and help to create sustainable development for local economies. Just trying to become a more responsible traveller & citizen, we can all do our part.

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