Sunday, July 20

Pizza Feast

Last weekend we had a pizza fest for 20 guests! Jason served up a delicious spread of 10 different summer antipasti and then fired up the outdoor oven for pizza.
A new friend Mirca taught Jason his age-old family pizza recipe & it was a hit! Mirca is a pro and in no time we had dough rising, pizza flying, and full bellies! That is until the winds changed and the rain came - biblical rain poured down as everyone was eating outside - we all ran in for cover & to save the food! 
I just kept thinking, this is straight out of a movie! We turned the music on inside & let the good times keep rollin'  served dessert - a marscarpone & peach filled torte  - the rain passed, we headed back outside & the guests back in the pool!

Check back soon for the new pizza dough recipe....and the marscarpone & peach torte!! hmmmmm' good!
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