Monday, July 28

A Medieval Celebration

In the medieval village of Piandimeleto, the noble family Oliva used to celebrate the glorious knights returning from valiant battle with sumptuous banquets, performaces of acrobats & skill competitions among archers, who, before their Lord competed with pride for the honor of the Palio flag.

Each year the town celebrates and fills the streets with merchants, artisans, musicians, artists, comedians & of course food! The scents, colors & flavors of history fill the air to make for a wonderfully magic celebration!

The artisan vendors in medieval costumes lined the hay covered streets selling handmade goods from baskets, shoes, spices & linens to hand blown glass (they were firing & blowing glass right there on the street - we had to buy one!)

The royal court watches over the festivities - fire eaters, medieval fighters (with swords!), court jesters, merry music makers & then there were the horns & drums - ahhh the drums - that sound - you think of Robin Hood (or at least I do), ancient battles... it just makes your imagination go wild, because as much as costumes & re-enactments are fun - you know they are townsfolk of today - but there is something in the music that has not seemed to changed, as if it were the same today as it ever were-marching you straight into battle or celebrating a victorious return!

We made a huge-small mistake before we left the house - and ... we ate dinner! This turned out to be a mistake because the smells of 'the medieval table' wafting through the summer night smelled ohhhh so good, we weren't hungry & Jason was totally pissed at himself. We'd see others passing with huge trays heavy with food...not to worry - we just ate 2 dinners! Crostolo con salsicce - A type of flatbread with grilled sausages (so simple, so perfect) and a cold beer hit the spot!

It was a magical night (what?! - it was! complete with fireworks) - reminding us of times forgot - or those only in the movies.....
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