Friday, July 11

La Tavola Marche a Truffle Paradise

In "Rafael's Effortless Grace" The Owl  tells the story Rafael's homeplace of Urbino, a bit on a local delicious cheese AND... recommends La Tavola Marche as a perfect place to stay for a  truffle holiday in "Truffle Paradise" - take a look:

"If you would like to go truffle hunting, head to La Tavola Marche, a pleasant farm on over 500 acres of picturesque rolling hills just 15 miles southwest of Urbino.  The famed black truffle is found on the property and if you visit in the fall, you can taste its unique flavor.  The surrounding wooded areas are perfect for excursions to gather wild berries, delicious wild mushrooms, or even participate in the search of fragrant truffles under old oak trees with the guidance of an expert truffle hunter.  
The young American couple that run La Tavola Marche knows everything about the gastronomic pleasures of the region.  They will cook for you, take you shopping in the local markets, direct you to the best wines and cheese of the region, and if you wish, give you cooking lessons."
- The Owl July 10, 2008 Volume 2, Issue 27: Rafael's Effortless Grace

Not bad if I do say so!
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