Monday, July 7

Frassasi Caves

We recently went on a day trip to The Frasassi Caves in southern Le Marche. After 2 hours in the car we entered a completely different world of stalactites & stalagmites!
The caves are open to the public year round & a constant 62 degrees, accompanied by a guide for about an hour.  It's incredible & nothing like anything any one of us had seen before! Experience the beautiful upside down world, made of breath-taking scenery, rich in extraordinary geological creations - the only sounds are the drips of water that bring the constantly changing complex to life!
Pictures just do not do justice!  The subterranean complex of the Frasassi Caves extends for 30km on 8 different geological level, being one of the largest and most fascinating caves in the world!
The caves are hidden in Genga (Ancona) in the heart of the Natural Park of Gola della Rossa and Frasassi.
Next time we are taking the red tour - booking ahead for a 4 hour 
guided exursion into the caves- you get suited up & head off the tourist path & deep into the caves!! I can't wait! For those curious travellers out there you can take the easy tour  that is about an hour long,  for those a bit more adventurous join an expert guide, there is the blue tour for 2.5 hours & for the hard-core take the red tour for 4 hours of climbing, descending, crawling & more)
info: reservations with one week notice to phone +39.0732.90090
(miss ya meg!)

Just another great reason to spend your next holiday in Le Marche!

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