Thursday, July 17

Christmas in July!

Well it's official - we need to write a book! 
Yesterday while we were cleaning apartments, we got an urgent call from a friend saying Jason must meet him on the backroads because he had something he must give us today.
As I was washing windows waiting for Jason to return, I got a funny feeling that I knew what he was headed to pick up... Twenty minutes later I heard him honking the horn up the driveway with a huge smile - oh we had a gift for sure!

HALF A DEER - freshly shot last night
Right after we checked out the goods (the deer) we knew we had to buy a freezer immediately!!
This thing was not gonna last in the fridge long. (We have a professional fridge that is massive but no freezer up to this point- read: no gelati at the house or ice or deer for that matter!)

So Christmas did indeed come early because we not only got a deer, but also a freezer AND FINALLY a dishwasher!!!!!!  
(We have been washing dishes by hand -and with lunches & dinners for upwards of 22 - you spend A LOT of time at the sink)

After we got back from our shopping spree Jason butchered the deer, picking out the buck shot. Man we really do live in the country!! But we sure are lovin' it!

Ho Ho Ho - thanks St. Nick for the deer!

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