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Eating Your Way Through Le Marche: Starting with Porchetta

If you are eating your way through Le Marche, Italy there is no better place to start than a porchetta truck! Follow any traveling market & you will find a truck that sells whole de-boned pig stuffed with herbs and wild fennel, slow roasted, thickly sliced & jammed into a panino for lunch. (Ask for it "con crosta" - the crackling bits, you'll thank me later.)

porchetta made in Le Marche
Here is the next installment of my personal favorite way to travel - "Eating Your Way Through Le Marche", a compilation of feasts, festivals, markets & more happening this July in Le Marche, Italy. I have added as asterisk * next to particularly interesting or tasty events! If you are interested in learning to cook on your holiday and returning home with a few recipes from the Region visit La Tavola Marche (www.latavolamarche.com) to book a cooking class this summer in Le Marche!

For more festivals check out: Marche in Feste or on Pinterest: Le Marche Events by the wonderful Giulia di Urbino.

JULY 2012
Festa del porto (the week before the 1st weekend)
Harbor festival, traditions, games, sports, gastronomy, exhibitions, music & more - great excuse to spend the day at the beach

Mercatello Sul Metauro
A traditional fair displaying and selling a variety of goods from 6:00am
*Castrum bibendum (1st weekend)
History in a dish, culture in a glass with live entertainment, food & drinks starting at 6:00pm

Monte Cerignone
*Mons Cerignonis (1st weekend)
Historical re-enactments with procession and the Palio of Uguccione (horse race), with fire-eaters & trampolinists, duellers & falconers, comedians and fortune-tellers, theater, live entertainment, medieval markets plus arts & crafts starting at 5pm

Montemaggiore al Metauro
Festa al parco (1st weekend)
Gastronomy, music & live entertainment in the evening

Concerts and food tastings starting at 9:30pm

Feast of the patron saint of Bingo! Seriously - I know it's not food related, but bingo's a blast & they are doing it outside it the main square!
Belforte All'Isauro
*Festa della birra (2nd Friday)
Beer festival!
*Fiera del diciassette (weekend near July 17th)
Historical re-enactment of the ancient livestock fair with gastronomy and market
Fiera grossa (21st)
Traditional fair selling & displaying a variety of goods and livestock fair all day.

Harvest festival, grain harvesting with historic equipment, gastronomic stands

Sagre della Boccabona (3rd weekend)
Festival of the Boccabona, folklore & gastronomy from 7:00pm
Sagra del cinghiale (3rd weekend)
Wild boar festival -sooo good!

Festival of typical dishes starting at 6pm
*Sagra delle pesche (3rd weekend)
Peach festival & exhibition, traditional auction sale with evening entertainment. How can you get any more summer than a peach festival?!
Mercatello sul Metauro
Donkey race and home made tagliatelle need I say more?! Donkey race through the local contoni (city wards), gastronomic stands with tagliatelle and local products all day in the old center. (Other activities for the palio start the week before)

*Festa del prosciutto (penultimate weekend)
Ham festival, promoting the PDO (protected designation of origin) ham from Carpegna with the participation of local producers all day
Monte Grimano Terme
*Sagra del tartufo nero (penultimate weekend)
Festival of the black truffle, promotion of local products with tastings, expositions, musical entertainment - truffles in the summer!

*Il mare e la montagna (last Saturday)
The sea and the mountain, the fishermen of the Adriatic coast offer their specialties beginning in the afternoon

Oricano di Pesaro
Estate in mercato (last Sunday)
Traditional fair displaying & selling a variety of good all day in the old center.

Harvest festival
*Festa del vino (last weekend)
Wine festival, showcase & market of typical local wines & wine products, wine cellars & tasting of specialties accompanied by vernaccia from Pergola starting at 2pm

*Palio dei Conti Oliva (last weekend)
Historic medieval revival with costume procession & archery competition, medieval market, historical parade & more
San Costanzo
Sagra polentara (last weekend)
Polenta festival where the master polenta chefs cook polenta in antique copper cauldrons starting at 6pm - we will be there for sure!

pizza night at La Tavola Marche


Piobbico/Sant'Angelo in Vado
Pizza Night at La Tavola Marche (Every Thursday June-September)
Family-style pizza night is epic with the outdoor wood burning oven, eating under the stars & meeting guests from around the world. Dinner includes pizza, salad from the garden, red wine, tiramisu & coffee for 18 Euro/person.
Reservations are a must! Call or email at least 2 days before to reserve a spot at the table. 331.525.2753 or info@latavolamarche.com

Mercatino del feudatario (July - August, Tuesday)
Feudal market, evening markets of antiques, curiositites, collector's items & of course- gastronomy. Renissance costumes & processsions, musical attractions & artistic exhibitions. The name of the event comes from Count Fabio Landriani della Rovere whose castle feuded with the Duke of Urbino in the second half of the 16th century.

Gabicce Mare
Escursioni guidate in barca a vela (July - August, Tuesday & Thursday)
Sail boat excursions with a guide in the San Bartolo park at 9:00am (prior booking recommended 0541.831.700)

Mercato e shopping serale (July - August, Wednesday - Friday)
Shopping & evening market in the old centre

Sant'Angelo in Vado
Estate vadese (July - August)
Summer in Sant'Angelo in Vado, exhibitions, music, theater, street performers, games, live entertainment, tastings of typical local products 9:00pm

Shopping di sera (July - August, Wednesday)
Evening shopping, a traditional summertime event with music, gastronomy & much more around 9pm!

E...sate in salute (July - August, Thursday)
Summer Health, summer evening market with events, shows, exhibitions & market of healthy products & well being, food & drinks * Guided wine tastings starting at 7:00pm. (Start in the middle of July)

Pasta fresca (June - August)
The quintessential Italian cooking holiday - pizza & pasta making! Learn to throw the dough, roll sheets of pasta by hand & fire up the outdoor wood burning oven!

Gabicce Mare
Mercantino di prodotti naturali (June - September, Tuesday & Friday)
Natural products market in Piazza Valbruna at 8:30pm

Pesaro dulcis in centro (July-August, Wednesday to Friday)
Evening shopping, concerts, exhibitions, entertainment for kids, creative workshops, food tastings, guided tours, cultural walks & lectures.

Mercatino serale (June - September, Tuesday & Friday)
Evening market along Via Fiume
The pleasures of the table in the Middle Ages, medieval dinners in the restaurants of the old center

Giovedi al castello (June - August, Thrusday)
Thursdays at the castle, re-enactment of the closure of the gate to the village at vespers, procession in period costume, fire-eaters & more at 9:00pm

Eventi estivi (June - August)
Musical events, theatre, sports, gastronomy, exhibitions, evening markets and much more along the seaside of Marotta & in the old centre of Mondolfo

All events are under an hour drive from La Tavola Marche!
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