Monday, June 30

A Bellissima Italian Wedding

Our first Italian wedding - Fabio & Sami - it was perfect!
Fabio is not only a friend & saint (he has helped us with many many things & made it possible for us to be in Italy with a proper visa) but he is also our commercialista (tax, lawyer-like, advisor on all things business related) as well as super techno savvy - loves sms (text messaging)..
He has married the lovely, sweet Sami. She is just adorable & has always been sooo kind to us!

The ceremony was held in the prestigious Duomo di Urbino

Then off to the Furlo gorge -an incredibly beautiful & romantic spot! Mangiamo! (Let's eat!)
Oh & eat we did. Jason prepared & went on a hunger strike for about 24 hours before the big day - ready to eat! We had heard so many stories about the legendary Italian weddings that go on for hours & eat like 9 courses...was this to be true, we were prepared to find out!
We can happily report- they did not disappoint!
The food - oh where to begin - the antipasti! Oh I could have had that all night - fresh fish: lobster, scallops in the shell, frutte di mare (mixed seafood)...too much to even list - let's just say it was good eats!
After antipasti we had to rally back because not only were there 2 different pasta dishes, there were 3 (yes 1, 2, 3) meat courses!! It's called pacing yourself, and it's hard when everything is sooo good! You think, OK I'll just have a bite of that one, then when it hits your lips, you're thinking - oh man, that's not bad at all. This is were the trouble is - because the whole time I kept thinking - dessert will be coming, dessert - 2 dessert courses- will be coming soon!!

9 hours & 9 courses later....

The funniest part of the evening was when their group of close friends put on a sort-of-skit with the bride & groom acting out scenes.
Here Sami had to "Prove you can Cook" she had to make pasta - and as you can see in the picture Fabio couldn't even watch! It was really hysterical to see her in this apron over her bellissima dress, with dough all over, making pasta right there in the middle of their reception! Other skits had the bride & groom jumping rope and chopping wood!

We had a wonderful evening - had a chance to meet new people, catch up with new friends, and experience another memorable night in Italy!
Grazie mille Fabio e Samantha per tutto ~ Tantissimi Auguri!!

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