Monday, May 19

Is it considered B & E when the front door is open??

So yesterday Meg & I went on a bit of an adventure...
On the way to chop wood (yeah, we're hard core like that!) we stumbled upon an old abandoned house - our curiosities went wild!We snooped around the outside, peaking in the windows & checking the doors...when the front door opened for us we looked at each other & said "Is it breaking & entering when the door is unlocked & the house has been abandoned for years & years?
or is it an archeology discovery?!"

We went for the latter & headed in - not before we called out " Permesso" in shakey Italian (the universal Italian phrase made before entering a house), scaring ourselves a little bit...ah because what if someone answered!

We crept in & explored the remains/ruins of the house. We found huge old wine casks, dusty bottles, a few random shoes (none matching), animal troughs in the floor when it must have housed animals at one point, and some cool wooden grain grinder of sorts & tons of rat poop...

We headed upstairs, now totally freaked hand in hand and rounded the corner to find a huge fireplace! We barely made it to the next room when Meg was buzzed by a bird or bat?! So we figured this was a good time to make our way back out! We were totally freaking ourselves out! We have plans to go back with supplies (mainly a flashlight & camera) to continue our archeological discoveries - not committing a federal offense, thank you!
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