Tuesday, May 6

How do you fill a 40 litre pasta pot?

You take it into town & fill up at the town spigot of course!

 Which is exactly what Meg & I did before a huge lunch party we hosted for Labor Day!

Jason created a fantastic menu, 5 courses (with 2 different pastas) & the applause were wild!

But we couldn't get enough of this hysterically huge pot- the "people cookn' pot" we call it! It's so freakn' big that it won't fit on the stove, so we had to get a "candy stove" & use a separate tank of gas!
 You see if you are planning on cooking pasta for more than 10 people you must have one of these, especially if you are making 2 different pasta dishes for the meal! With pasta, it's all in the water (second to the dough) and you need A LOT! If you use too little,  you can end up with extra starchy water & you really can taste the difference.  Remember to always add a splash of pasta water to the dish you are making as well - that's the secret.

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