Thursday, May 22

91st Il Giro d'Italia!

Well we missed Lance, but we cheered like crazy for Italy's version of Tour de France. Il Giro d'Italia is a long distance bike road race from Sicily up to the Dolomites & then ending in Milan after 23 days of biking! They go from the tip of the boot up through tiny towns, along the coast, into the hills & over the mountains-it's crazy! Giro literally means trip, so The Trip of Italy!In Urbino we went wild at the finish of the 10th stage of the race (a 34.9km leg from Pesaro to Urbino). The giro continued the next day for a 199km stretch starting in Urbania & ending in Cesena with a super hard climb up to San Marino! It was a crappy rainy day & the rider in the lead crashed going 60mph sliding downhill & then limped across the finish line!
Yellow is the color for the leader of Tour de France, but Pink reigns supreme for the race leader in Italy - so we suited up & wore all the gear! (Meg even ended up on RaiSport! - a TV channel) For 10 Euro you can have your very own "Giro Kit" complete with Pink T-shirt, hat, backpack, sunglasses, stuffed animal keychain and a hot pink chain/necklace-thing for your cell phone - so pretty much an awesome deal!

Sponsors were giving away tons of shwaag, we loved it! There was a huge party in Urbino - everyone cheering on their favorite teams & riders, people from all over the world lining the streets! We walked the whole course through town & hooted & hollered from the beginning where they entered Urbino to the finish line - putting out the giro vibe! It really was cool to be part of & you could feel the energy for sure-I'm already planning my return for next year!
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