Wednesday, April 2

Frog Race with Wheelbarrows - Palio della Rana

This is hysterical! Every year, the Sunday after Easter Fermignano celebrates its independance from Montefeltro in 1607 with the Palio della Rana - Frog Race. Everyone is dressed in classic medieval costumes - they all look incredible!
There are falconers, music, fireworks, tons of food, ancient craftsmen and a parade through town with lords & ladies, knights, flag bearing attendants & dramatic drums!
- there is even an air show!

Young men run wheelbarrows through town each with a single frog on it. The runners represent the five districts of the town.

If the frog jumps off, you must stop pick him up & keep on running.
There is a town medical specialistic that examines the frogs before & after the race to make sure they have not been tampered with. Oh yes- this is taken very seriously!

During the race fried & porchetta-style frogs legs are available to munch on!
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