Tuesday, April 15

Baffi (Whiskers) and her fat belly...

I have to start this off with a bit of disclaimer - I never was a cat person before always preferred dogs-big funny dogs, but you can always change right?!  
We decided to start adding animals to the mix recently. Neither one of us has ever had a cat, but since they are outdoor animals here, we thought what the hell a cat is a simple start - or so we thought...
We went into Piobbico 6 days ago looking for a vet or a cat shelter & we met a man on the street who took us to the pub & introduced us to Maurizio (this man is hysterical with the wildest eyebrows & ear hair I've ever seen!) "He is the man with many cats" we were told. Once hearing we were interested in one of his "gatti" he lite up & told us to get into our car & follow him to house - so we did!  He cooed over her - "bellissima gattina, i lunghi baffi, ahhh bellissima e grasso!" (beautiful little cat, long whiskers, ahhh beautiful & fat!" And she was! We took home our little white fluffly fat cat (not much older than a kitten).
We kept commenting on her tummy - is she fat? I liked it! Meagan didn't think it jiggled the way her super fat cat's belly does & Jason was convinced she was preggers!
Well yesterday everything was answered (except who's the baby's daddy)- and Jason was correct! Midafternoon she got into a basket in the outdoor kitchen & started giving birth- Four kittens were delivered in all (sadly one was stillborn). But the other 3 are doing fantastic! We kept thinking - one day we need to get her a friend - well now she has her hands full with kittens!  I must say it was pretty incredible for us to watch her give birth - We had no idea what would happen next - so I'd run into the house & google search "cat labor what to do", run back out & report to the troops! The mamma did so well, for a teen pregnancy she was a pro!
So the family grows.....spring is in the air!

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