Monday, March 31

Rally Racen'

We trekked though the mud & stood in the pouring rain to cheer on 80 rally cars!

It was a blast- mud flying on the turns as they sped around the corners - we were hootin' & hollerin' as each car passed!! We positioned ourselves along one of the last turns before the checkpoint-we were bound to see some action! We were told that Italians love the curves (turns) much more than silly Nascar where they just drive in circles.

The rally racers work their way across Italy one small town at a time - we were in Mercatello sul Metauro a nearby town & then they hit Piobbico (only 4km from us). They shut down a section of town & the cars fly through! This was our first rally race & since we are becoming Italian we are already planning our next!
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